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  • Passive speaker 800 Watt peak power rating 400 Watts program / 200 Watts continuous Dual electronic driver protection circuits Compact, lightweight design, trapezoidal cabinet design for easy transport and installation Used as traditional loudspeaker or as floor wedge monitor Two parallel Speakon NL4 jacks for input and through connection Stand and...

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  • For acoustic guitars Electromagnetic single coil design Fits on any acoustic guitar soundhole Easy installation Passive Pickup No Battery Required DCR of 5.5k ohms Neodymium Magnets

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  • Perfect sound High-quality aluminum ear-shell cover and stainless steel telescopic arms Suitable for digital pianos, personal recording, music appreciation, movies, gaming etc. Maximum power: 1800 mW Made in China

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  • Inputs: 2 combo XLR-1/4″ microphone/line inputs1 switchable Hi-Z instrument input Outputs: 2 balanced 1/4” TRS1 1/4″ headphone output Compatibility: -Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (ASIO 2.0, MMe, WDM, DirectSound) -Mac OS X 10.7 (and above) via CoreAudio (no driver install required)

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  • USB:   2.0, bus powered Controls:         Mute, Output Gain, Headphone Volume, Low Cut Filter (-10dB @ 100Hz) , -10dB pad Compatibility:  Windows XP, Vista, Win7 / 8 / 10 and Mac compatible.  Plug-and-Play. Supports ASIO audio drivers. Headphone Output Power:    Max 105mW

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  • USB:   2.0, bus powered Polar Pattern:Omni, Cardioid, Bidirectional Controls:         Mute, Output Gain, Headphone Volume, Low Cut Filter (-10dB @ 100Hz) , -10dB pad Compatibility:  Windows XP, Vista, Win7 / 8 / 10 and Mac compatible.  Plug-and-Play. Supports ASIO audio drivers. Headphone Output Power:    Max 105mW

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  • Amplifier Power:            40W Inputs:(1) 1/4″ Guitar,(1) 1/4″ Mic,(1) 1/8″ Aux Effects: Chorus, Reverb, Delay Weight: 8.35 Kg

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  • Amplifier Inputs:(2) 1/4″ Mic,(2) 1/4″ Instrument,1/8″ AuxRUS Effects:           Reverb, Delay, Activator (harmonic enhancement) Includes:         Handheld Mic, Wireless Lavalier with Mic Belt-Pack Weight:           9.82 Kg Power: 24 W

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  • Passive speaker Power Output: 10Wrms x2 (at 1KHz, 10% THD) Frequency Response: 100-10,000Hz (at -5dB) Controls: 1x Volume, 1x Sub Bass Input Ports: 2 pairs of stereo RCA jacks, internally mixed(Line A inputs feature treble boost of 9dB at 10KHz; Line B inputs are flat) Weight: (11.00 lb.) (5 kg), both cabinets

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Showing 13 - 23 of 23 items

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